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Introducing Pipcicles book mark collection, featuring 'you' in my favourite freehand embroidery upon a cute vintage fabric.  Perfect for book lovers for a valentines letterbox gift.  


These mini embroidery hoops measuring 3 cm are sat on a flat band of black or white elastic and will allow you to safely find your page when you pick your book back up to read.  A delicate heart shape embroidered with the word 'you' in red cotton thread set upon a dinky wooden hoop.  


Colour fabric options will vary according to material in my stash.  All fabric is repurposed. However if you would like a particular colour or set of colours please let me know. 


Hoop Size: 30 mm

Made of: 100% repurposed fabric pieces set in a mini wooden embroidery hoop.


Can be sent direct to recipient.

Love You Vintage Fabric Bookmark

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